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  • 12-06-2010

    Kanvas introduce their new ranges

    To continue to provide clients with a wide variety of choice, Kanvas have released their new ranges...

    Amongst them are the new Vintage Ranges including Georgia and Regalle with some more being considered for the future.
    They have also released the Butterflies and Turtles range for the kidskanvas collection with a view to add even more choice for kids further down the track.
    The Australiana ranges have also been released including Kangaroo paw, Banksia and Arbor as well as some generic contemporary designs such as Curlique, Balmy and Sky.

    'We intend to keep providing a wide scope of choice and will constantly keep refreshing our pool of designs adding them to the older ones that are still as popular as ever.' Art Director Kerry De Filippis explains, 'At the same time we would still also like to emphasise our ability to cross one design with another. For example the Scatter and Bella ranges are hybrid ranges from other designs. The possibilities are endless and we always enjoy exploring other avenues to provide the perfect design piece for the customer.'

    Kerry also mentions 'For those who have beautiful creations of their own, ie their children, we also offer a specialised design service to dress what would be an ordinary photo into a real feature piece.' She goes on to mention, 'We take the photo and put it with a design of your choice, mixing the elements to form a customised design one-off canvas of your child/children. An effective alternative to what would be an otherwise ordinary family photo as you can use any photo which may have an imperfection or an unsightly background on it, which would have made the photo unusable in any other instance.'

    'Kanvas also do the 'Ages and Stages' custom photo design which is a series of photos at different stages of your child's life put together in chronological order together with a design of the customer's choice. All that is needed are the photos of the child, their age and we'll do the rest!!' she says, 'This, of course, isn't limited to children. If there is a holiday, wedding, birthday or any other special event we can put a customer's photos together to tell the story. A great and unique way to remember some of the best times of your life!'

    Kanvas will also be releasing mono versions of all current designs as another generic option for those seeking a neutral design solution. 

    With other designs on the horizon and always an open ear to customers' requirements, the Kanvas team's continuous aim is to meet the needs of the client and they continue to enjoy doing so!!!