Canvas Art

strong & effective design pieces for the modern interior

Kanvas wall art is the perfect way to brighten up a room, create a chic living space, and with the functionality of AcousticART™ Kanvas, you can create an acoustically friendly home.

Our Kanvas wall art range is designed to fit into any home. Our designs range from edgy abstracts to soft organics, each design is fully customisable to match your colour and size needs. Our Kanvases are printed onto quality artist grade canvas by experienced printers, resulting in a finish that looks professional. Our canvas has a beautiful soft quality, with no glossy sheen to distract you from the design.


Canvas wall art

Go to our Shop and have a look at the extensive range of contemporary designs to choose from.All of our designs are available to view and buy online, but if you don't see the design or colour you want, we offer a custom service that allows you to match your artwork to the fabrics and wall colours in your home. We can also rearrange and reposition designs to match your tastes.

Each Kanvas artwork is supplied on artists grade canvas stretched onto a superior quality finger jointed frame. Our canvases come ready to hang, providing the perfect finishing touches to any space. Their light weight design also means they can be used with stick-on removable hooks, such as the 3M range.

Please allow a 2-3 week turnaround. If you need a piece urgently, let us know. We may be able to have your artwork to you more quickly.

Don't forget - we're here for help and advice, so don't hesitate to give any of our team a call.

View the full range in our online store or contact us to discuss any special requirements you may have.

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 AcousticART® Kanvas

AcousitcART® Kanvas is the clever combination of the fantastic designs of Kanvas and the revolutionary technology of AcousticART®, resulting in an aesthetic solution to noisy areas.

Ideal for use in kitchens, open plan buildings, restaurants, cafes, music rooms, auditoriums, offices, audio-visual (AV) rooms or home theatres. The Acoustic art panels work by allowing sound waves to pass through acoustically transparent fabric to be absorbed into the high performance acoustic substrate. The noise is transferred into heat and absorbed, thus reducing the echo of the room. Placing our AcousticART® Kanvas anywhere will reduce reverb and increase sound clarity and precision. When acoustic art is used in areas where clarity of sound is important, the sounds become clear and crisp, adding enjoyment to any listening experience.

The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of our AcousticART® Kanvas panels using AV 100 fabric is 0.75, most other acoustic solutions only offer an NRC of 0.54. AcousticART® Kanvas are created on 38mm neo-wraparound frame that is made from finger jointed hoop pine with biscuited corners. The pieces are made from fire retardant polyester fabric.

You may even wish to consider having AcousticART® panels as sliding window coverings to keep unwanted outside noise, such as vehicle or foot traffic, on the outside!

Call us to discuss your needs, and our team will happily develop an acoustic solution for you. Please allow a 2-4 week turnaround time, depending on your location.

Or to find out more about AcousticArt Kanvas visit Acoustic Vision.


Our KanvasKids range offers a number of cheeky yet playful options for children's rooms, play areas and adults rooms as well!. For a harder wearing option, you may want to consider one of the KanvasKids range using an acrylic finish that is easy to wipe over.

Designs include butterflies, whales, turtles, giraffes among others. All the designs can be viewed in our online store, or if you want something a bit different contact us to discuss your ideas.


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Framed Art

Sometimes a framed art solution may be just what you are looking for. All of our prints can be framed to give a more traditional look to your canvas artwork, and we have a range of sizes and finishes to choose from. A number of frames are available through our online store, once you have chosen your design and size, select the frame you like.

If you can't see the frame you want contact us to discuss other framing options.